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Novatron Australia designs, manufactures, and repairs water desalination equipment that can produce up to 1 million litres per day of potable water, from brackish, sea, and scheme (tap) water.
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Water treatment

With more than three decades of experience in the industry, we are capable of designing and manufacturing a wide selection of potable water systems for commercial applications. We specialise in containerised plants with remote monitoring and our rigorous quality assurance procedures ensure that our custom-built units are fabricated to the very highest standards. Our systems are designed to offer clients the ideal blend of performance and durability, utilising high quality materials and the latest technological advances. We can manufacture systems that are capable of producing up to one million litres a day, from various different sources such as brackish, tap and seawater. Our modern premises in Western Australia reflect our commitment to continuous improvement and our investment in the future. For smaller applications, we produce a range of standard systems, each of which can be customised to a certain degree and our larger units are purpose built for individual clients.

Service and spares

Our desalination Perth produced systems are used by companies in a wide range of industries, including mining, oil and gas, agriculture and hospitality. Some clients elect to purchase a custom made solution from us and maintain it themselves but we are more than happy to offer short and long-term service agreements for all the systems that we supply, if required. Under the terms of such agreements, our technicians will visit your site to inspect and service the equipment on a regular basis. This will include chemical cleaning of membranes and any adjustments that are necessary to ensure that your system is operating at maximum efficiency. We also carry an extensive selection of spare parts at all times, such as filter media, chemicals, high pressure pumps and vessels. As one of the leading firms in the business, you can rely on us for all your water purification and reverse osmosis needs.

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